Face the Danforth

Tintype portraits of our community

by Horst Herget


There has been a remarkable change in the population of Toronto's Danforth community in the last 40 years. While the demographics have shifted and the faces have changed the community's commitment to and passion for their neighbourhood has remained immutable.

Face the Danforth recognizes and celebrates the unique people that live and work in our neighbourhood - those featured here have contributed directly to the project by sharing their thoughts on the community, and the importance the Danforth has played in their lives.

Each portrait was captured using the tintype photographic process, which dates back to the 1850s. Tintype images are captured directly onto enmalled metal plates, using natural light, and developed by hand using chemistry recipes that are over 150 years old. Every tintype is unique, and cannot be replicated.

Photographer Horst Herget spent his childhood and youth growing upin the Danforth community.  Since returning to the neighbourhood and starting a family here, he continues to document the people that make up the area's rich, varied and ever evolving community..